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Authentic Expression

Guitar-workshop with Estas Tonne

Estas Tonne When someone inspires us to play an instrument, unconsciously or consciously we tend to imitate that expression. And for a certain time it is very helpful for practicing purposes as well as for widening our perception.

Overdoing the imitation might cause a consequence: we might become a “clone” and forget or negate our own uniqueness.

I believe that it’s of great benefit to find your own way, to find your personal heart-connection while playing an instrument, observing an inner processing, expression itself and those witnessing it.

My intention for this workshop is to reflect to the participants following questions:

“How can I find and develop my own harmony, my own musicality while playing/improvising on acoustic guitar and how can I be true to my own unique expression”.

During the workshop we will create a common space, an atmosphere where we’ll meet as a group, as well as face-to-face meetings in a personal coaching setting.

We will evolve together and experience great new ideas during these days.


Guitar-skills: Beginners and established musicians of any styles!
Please bring your own acoustic-guitar! We´ll practice without amplifier or electronic effects.

Language-skills: basic spoken english language skills

Application for participation

For application please send us via this email-adress your name, address, birthdate and mobilephone-number.

Please add a short written summary about your personal history in playing guitar and please add a short writing about why you do think that you might benefit in taking part in this workshop with Estas Tonne.

Apply until June 9, 2017. The participants will be drawn and instantly informed.

Maximum number of participants



15 hours



Getting there and accomodation

With this link you find advice how to locate the workshop place. The next airport is "Graz Thalerhof", the next trainstation is "Bahnhof Wildon". There is also a public bus available from the city of Graz.

With our folder "Leben in St. Georgen" you can easily find b&b-rooms nearby, on page 3 you find rooms in walkable distance, on page 4 rooms where a car is recommended. The prices range from € 25,- to € 60,- per night/single room.

If you need any help due to language-difficulties, don´t hesitate to contact us for support via email or telephone +43 3183 8468.


Code Title Date Times Price*
AE Authentic Expression
Guitar-workshop with
Estas Tonne
August 7 - 11, 2017 Mon - Fri 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. 450,-
including workshop fee only

(*) Schloss-Schule - Family-Member:
Schloss-Schule- Familiy-Members are entitled to 10 per cent discount on the applicable fee. You will become a family member, when you are booking 3 courses or trainings in advance, or beginning with the third course/training you are booking. Once a Family-Member, you retain this status for three years. The family member fee is not applicable to some specific courses.