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The “Heilmasseur” is an established group in Austria that provides a good business option for therapists who want to work independently on a self-employed basis.

A number of graduates have already been very successful in realizing their vision to build up their own massage practice.

Additionally, working as a “Heilmasseur”, either as an employee or "freier Dienstnehmer" (freelancer), is becoming increasingly important in partnership with physical therapists, physicians and health facilities. It is the combination of a high quality training, and the possibility to work on a fee basis that makes the Heilmasseur an attractive partner.

Heilmasseur Ausbildung - Classic Premium MassageClassic Premium Massage
a classical massage with deeper impact
Garshan - aryuvedic massageGarshan - aryuvedic massage
done with natural silk gloves



  • The profession of the "Heilmasseur" is the highest possible qualification a massage therapist can receive in Austria.

  • Self-employed “Heilmasseur”s work independently from physicians’ or physical therapists’ practices as freelancers or employees, practicing a great number of therapies on a prescription basis. The therapies cover all kinds of massage, ranging from the classical "Heilmassage" and manual lymphatic drainage to energetic massage. They may also include thermotherapies, electrotherapeutics as well as hydro- and balneotherapy, in the case of practitioners who receive training and qualifications for these special kinds of therapies.

  • The "Heilmasseur" practices relevant physical therapies (e.g. manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder) near or at the home of the patient. Considering demographic trends ("aging population"), "Heilmasseur"s make an increasingly important contribution in ensuring proper, therapeutic care of the population.

  • In addition to practicing massage business (Massagegewerbe), the "Heilmasseur" is qualified to provide a wide range of prophylactic treatments.

  • Health insurance companies are able to reimburse patients all or part of the costs for treatments, which have been prescribed by a physician, done by the "Heilmasseur".

  • Being specialized in medical massage, the "Heilmasseur" is a decent partner in co-operation with physical therapists and independent physicians in a group practice.

  • "Heilmasseur"s have the possibility to become an authorized instructor for qualifications according to the "Medizinischer Masseur- und Heilmasseurgesetz" (MMHmG).

LomiLomi lomi massage therapy brings joy Additional Training - HeilmasseurDiagnostic investigation
for targeted therapy

Training contents

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pathology
  • Law and ethics, operational management
  • Hygiene and environmental protection
  • First Aid
  • General Physics
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Massage techniques for healing in theory and practice*

*The following methods will be taught within the scope of the discipline "Massagetechnik":

Trigger pointTrigger point treatment -
fast and effective results
Spine therapyCombined spine therapy


Learning in a relaxed atmosphereLearning in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Professional authorization to practice as Medizinischer Masseur (medical masseur)

  • Medical certificate with confirmation of physical and psychological fitness to complete the training and execute the profession

  • Judicial record


944 teaching units, including 265 teaching units as correspondence course (studying at home)


6 Months, including 2.5 months as correspondence course, and 3.5 months as classroom course

Professional practice

Relaxing at the castle's pondRelaxing at the castle's pond The Heilmasseur works in the public health sector as an employee or is self-employed (has own massage practice).
The Heilmasseur receives additionally his or her wellness-massage licence after having passed the "Unternehmerprüfung"-exam.

Reasonable accommodations

Room in the house of Fam. Loftus-FastlRoom in the house
of Fam. Loftus-Fastl
Our office can assist you in finding a room for EUR 270 or more, situated near the Schlossschule.

We are grateful to the host families in St. Georgen!

Learning and self-catering at the castle

The kitchen for self-cateringThe kitchen for self-catering Our kitchen, with an indoor recreation area, is open 24 hours a day; recreation and learning are possible in our courtyard, park or at the pond near the castle.

Dates 2019

Code Title Date Schedule Price* in €
HM Additional Training Heilmasseur,
Gewerblicher Masseur
January 07th, **
- April 29th 2019
HM Additional Training Heilmasseur,
Gewerblicher Masseur
July 08th, **
- October 28th 2019

(*) Schloss-Schule-Family-Member-Price is not available.

(**) Attention: Full, compulsory registration is required no later than 4 weeks before the training starts!


Please use our online form to register for this training. Please contact us during our office hours at +43/3183/8468.

Further training to become a physio therapist

There is a further education opportunity and training as a masseur and balneotherapist or as physiotherapist, which is valid all over europe. For more information, please visit