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The practitioner training includes 120 hours of class (3 Lomi courses). For a beginner, the Lomi Lomi Nui Practitioner training can be started at any desired basic class. Visiting another basic course will continue the training. The experience gained in the former course combines with the experience gained by the composition of a group of different participants. These create a space for new experiences as well as a new quality and intensity of practice. It is possible to book a specific course according to personal preference as an alternative to taking one or two basic courses.

At the end of every basic or specific course the participant will receive an appropriate certificate. Depending on the awareness of the practitioner, Lomi Lomi may well be practiced after the first basic course.

Basic courses

  • Lomi Basic Course

  • Lomi - Einfühlung - Intuition Specific courses

  • Lomi Energetik

  • Lomi Bone Wash and Ha Breath

  • Lomi-empathy and intuition

  • Lomi Feinschliffkurs

  • Elemental forces in Lomi

  • Lomi-Intensiv-Death and Reincarnation

  • Trailer "Lomi - The art and wonder of touch"

    ... we wanted to create a work of art that reveals the message of lomi lomi as we understand it. Lomi lomi is an example of this message, which is true for all treatments that are based on physical contact ...