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Vocational training according to MMHmG, BGBl. I No. 169/2002 and MMHm-AV, BGBl. II No. 250/2003


Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Klassische Massage
Classical massage
There are three professional qualities, which characterize a good “medizinischer Masseur”:

1. Sensitivity and intuition

2. Methodical expertise

3. Medical knowledge

Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Fußreflexzonenmassage
Foot reflexology
These three qualities will be developed equally during the training at the Schloss-Schule.

Sensitivity and intuition are supported by the familiar environment and the informal atmosphere in small groups, as well as the personal qualities of the teachers at the Schloss-Schule.

Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Manuelle Lymphdrainage
Manual lymph drainage
Methodical expertise can be gained during the practicing sessions with teachers, which all have comprehensive experience as therapists and trainers. They are an experienced team that is aware of its goals, they know how to address the participants and draw their interest.

Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Bindegewebsmassage
Connective Tissue Massage
Acquiring medical knowledge is fun with the experienced teachers, who apply a vivid and interesting teaching style. They are keen on imparting their theoretical knowledge and therapeutic practice, in order to give the participants a comprehensive insight into the subject matters.

Training contents

Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Segmentmassage
Segment massage
  • Massage techniques for healing, Module A and B, including advanced specific anatomy and pathology
  • Thermotherapy, ultrasonic therapy and mud pack treatments
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pathology, Module A and B
  • Hygiene
  • Basics of communication
  • First Aid and dressing technique
  • Sanitary, labor and social insurance law
  • Professions and institutions in the health care sector
  • Documentation
  • Environmental protection
  • Exercises
  • Practical training with the patient*

*By special arrangement with the school principal, students can do the practical training near their place of residence.

Electrotherapy (optional)
Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Elektrotherapie

  • Specific anatomy and pathology
  • Basics of electrotherapy, including physics and systems engineering

Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Unterwasserdruckstrahlmassage
Underwater pressure massage
Hydro/Balneo Therapy (optional)
  • Specific anatomy and pathology
  • Physics
  • Specific hygiene
  • Balneo Therapy
  • Hydro Therapy
  • Underwater pressure massage


Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Ultraschalltherapie
Ultrasonic therapy
  • Minimum age of 17 years
  • Physical and mental fitness (medical certificate)
  • Trustworthiness (criminal record)
  • Successful completion of the ninth grade (exceptions possible)


Kneippen beim Schlossbrunnen
Kneipp therapy at the well in the castle
Medizinischer Masseur:
1.980 teaching units

140 teaching units

Hydro/Balneo Therapy:
120 teaching units



13 months, consisting of a 6 month course, a 6 month practical training, 1 month holiday

Professional practice

The “medizinische Masseur” usually works as an employee in positions throughout the health care sector. In the wellness sector, “medizinische Masseure” are doing “massage with healthy people”.

Ausgleichende Punkt- und Meridianmassage
Balancing reflex zone and meridian massage
  • Outpatient clinics, institutes for physical therapy
  • Surgeries
  • Wellness and beauty hotels
  • Hospitals and clinics from all sections
  • Sanatoriums
  • Massage institutes
  • Palliative care facilities
  • Nursing and retirement homes
  • Surgeries for physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Facilities for slimming
  • Therapy centres
  • Thermal bathes
  • Wellness hotels

Reasonable accommodations:

Zimmer im Haus Fam. Loftus-Fastl
Room in the house of Fam. Loftus-Fastl

Our office assists you in finding a room for EUR 270 or more, situated near to the Schlossschule.

We are grateful to the host families in St. Georgen:


Learning and self-catering at the castle

Die Gerichtsküche zur Selbstversorgung
The kitchen for self-catering
Our kitchen, with an indoor recreation area, is open 24 hours a day; recreation and learning are possible in our courtyard, park or at the pond near the castle.


Funding opportunities

Medizinischer Masseur Ausbildung - Mittagspause der medizinischen Masseurgruppe
“Medizinische Masseure” having their lunch break
In some cases, funding for the trainings may be available from the “Arbeitsmarktservice” (AMS; Employment office). We are happy to support you by providing the required documents. Please call your personal agent at the AMS. You may also apply for other kinds of funding, available from the respective federal state: Government and “Arbeiterkammer” of the federal state, more information:
Funding opportunities

Options for partial payment

Entspannen am Schlossteich
Relaxing at the castle's pond
The school management is open to having a personal conversation with a participant if it is helpful to pay in instalments, in order to find a non-interest option for partial payment. Please feel free to ask for an appointment.

Individual support by the Schloss-Schule

Convinced that the training to become a med. Masseur is the right track for your professional career, but cannot afford to pay the course fees? Talk to us, we will find a solution.

Training courses during the vocational training to become a "Medizinischer Masseur"

Beginning with the vocational training and for further courses we offer the Schloss-Schule-Family-Member-Price.

Dates 2018

Code Title Date Time Price* in €
MM Medizinischer Masseur April 09, 2018 - May 06, 2019 Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m. -
5:30 p.m.
Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
MM Medizinischer Masseur Oct. 08, 2018 - Nov. 04, 2019 Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m. -
5:30 p.m.
Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
We recommend getting the additional qualifications in Electrotherapy and Hydro/Balneo Therapy. The relevant courses can be visited during the vocational training for the Medizinischer Masseur.
Extra fee for Electrotherapy: € 550,-
Extra fee for Hydro/Balneo Therapy: € 530,-

(*) Schloss-Schule-Family-Member-Price is not applicable.


Medizinischer Masseur - Information service

For more information please see our Info service for Medizinischer Masseur und Heilmasseur.


Please use our online form to register for this training. Please contact us during our office hours at +43/3183/8468.

Further training opportunities

After finishing the vocational training for Med. Masseur, it is possible to make a further training to become a Heilmasseur - Gewerblicher Masseur.