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with Sharon Wheeler
Scars leave marks on the body. They stay with us for the rest of our lives. They remind us of events, surgeries, accidents. Every scar has a unique story. Some can limit motion, movement and expression. Integrating Scar Tissue is SharonWheeler's original discovery, and one that she is continually developing and expanding on. There are more than 19 separate techniques used to integrate different qualities of scar tissue into the fascial web. Most will be demonstrated in class. They are simple to learn and easy to do.
Working with scars is like speaking a different language in the world of connective tissue. Scar tissue is very dense fascia with unique properties. Scar tissue work mostly uses a casual, light touch.
The work is rarely painful - even for very new scars, and the amount of change in one intervention is extensive. The cosmetic effect is delightful and the functional changes can be profound. Natural and surgical scars of any age respond immediately followed by a short period of rapid healing and continued permanent improvement. The improvements are permanent.

Scar Workshop

Scar tissue quality changes quickly and easily. Lumps, gaps, ridges, holes, bumps, knots, and strings in the tissue rapidly smooth out into a three dimensional fascial web. The work starts with the surface layers and goes into the far reaches of the scar including work with any involved viscera. Scar work often results in large whole body integration shifts along with trauma resolution, and nerve-impaired numbness usually resolves within a session.

Practitioners will learn these techniques well enough to take them home and use them the next day in their private practices. Scar work can fit seamlessly into an SI series or be used as a stand-alone intervention session.


These courses are for interested persons with an open curiosity and an attitude of wonder at the awesome mystery of the human body. Meet the frontier classroom style, which works for all levels of experience.

Professional practice

The content of this course can be used and be practically integrated in an already existing Massage Praxis


32 teaching units each course

Course instructor

Sharon Wheeler Sharon Wheeler
Certified in Structural Integration in 1970 Rolf Movement® Practitioner since 1971 Sharon was one of the youngest students as well as one of the few women to be trained with Dr. Rolf. She teaches CE workshops on scars, bones, the cranium and the Art of Structural Integration.

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Karin Wiesner Karin Wiesner
Physiotherapist, since 2006 working as a professional Rolferin.

Dates 2021

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NARB Scar Workshop with
Sharon Wheeler
May, 6-9 2021 Thur.-Sat. 09.00-18.00
Sun. 09.00-13.00

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