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The journey towards becoming an integrated human being must be approached in awareness of the three basic centers in our make up: the physical, the emotional, and the mental.

Most spiritual paths include tools for all three, but with a strong emphasis on one: Hatha yoga connects us starting from the body, Zen meditation puts the emphasis on observing and calming the mind... music and chanting connect us with heart energy.

Zen, Yoga and Sacred Sound

Each center also has its own kind of “food”, and awareness of this and the quality and quantity of our food intake can help our evolution tremendously.

On the whole, the Path leads us towards a much wider perspective of so called “reality”, and our role in this miraculous movie we call Life: an ever so brief opportunity to experience the vastness of Being, and the mystery of Existence, from this incredible creation that is the Human Body.

Zen, Yoga and Sacred Sound


In this retreat we will learn/experience:

Zen, Yoga and Sacred Sound Zazen - sitting meditation
Kinhin - walking meditation
Sound Healing - deep relaxation with live sacred soundscape
Hatha Yoga - simple postures for physical and psychic wellbeing
Satsang - conversations and dialogues about Buddhism and practical spirituality
Mantra, Chanting, and healing Voice Work
Delicious healthy vegetarian meals
Zen Shakuhachi - concert

Time allowing it will be possible to have individual private consultations and learning with Pepe, and also Human Design sessions with Julia.


Zen-talk - Video



The specific retreat lasts 5 days/48 hours



Teaching language

English with german translation

Course instructors

Joseph Pepe Danza and Julia Krakova Joseph Pepe Danza
is part of a new generation of musicians/spiritual teachers bent on breaking geographical, spiritual and musical boundaries through a deep study and understanding of traditional forms both Eastern and Western. Having lived, studied, and performed in South America, USA, Europe, Asia, Japan, Africa and Indonesia, Pepe has a wide cross-cultural versatility.
Pepe plays percussion, winds and strings from his collection of more than three hundred instruments from around the world. He is especially focused on Sound Healing, Japanese Zen Shakuhachi and Afro Latin drumming traditions.
His musical experience blends harmoniously with his spiritual quest, which encompasses extensive experience with the Gurdjieff system, Sufism, Taoism, Yoga and Buddhism. He lived several years in India and Nepal for studies in Yoga, Buddhism and Music, including studies with the Dalai Lama, in Japan for studies in Zen and Shakuhachi Zen flute, and Sri Lanka for Vipassana practice. Along with Yoga Master Shakti Mhi he opened and taught in Prana Yoga College, which operated for many years in Canada and for the last five years based in Israel.
Pepe has been very active internationally, teaching Zen meditation, Buddhist philosophy, Yoga, Sound Healing, and performing concerts.

Julia Krakova
Human Design professional, specialist for healthy cooking/nutrition


Code Title Date Time Price*
ZEN Zen, Yoga and
Sacred Sound
April 17-21 2019 Wed. 2 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Thur-Sat 8 a.m.- 9.30 p.m.
Sun 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

(*) Schloss-Schule - Family-Member:
Schloss-Schule- Family-Members are entitled to 10 per cent discount on the applicable fee. You will become a family member, when you are booking 3 courses or trainings in advance, or beginning with the third course/training you are booking. Once a Family-Member, you retain this status for three years. The family member fee is not applicable to some specific courses.

(**) Price includes meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner


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