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with Wolfgang Weise

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The groundbreaking information presented by Wolfgang Weise in this workshop is the result of Sharons Wheeler´s  inquiry into the fascial plasticity of bone. There are two major areas of study in this workshop: Bone Change and Bone Rolling.


Bone Change

Since the initial spontaneous discovery in 1973 Sharon has been exploring the curious phenomenon of Bone Change. These techniques are designed to address shape and contour. Bone Change employs precisely placed manual pressure into the fascial elements of the bone. The chronic distortions left over from badly healed breaks in the bone, or scars in the bone, transform towards normal in moments. Results appear to be permanent.

Bone Rolling

Accidents and injuries can disorganize the functional relationships between bones. Bones can get stuck together out of place causing chronic dysfunction. These bone- to-bone adhesions are at the level of the fascia of the periosteum. In Bone Rolling, deep manual pressure is precisely directed through the periosteal adhesion to release the stuck bones. The bones are now free to move, or roll into a better relationship within structure of the fascial web. There are Bone Rolling techniques for most of the bone-to-bone relationships of the body. The techniques are primarily for the appendicular skeleton, and some for the axial skeleton. Bone Rolling results in profound, lasting structural shifts.

Sharon will also demonstrate Two-Handed Torque for the cranium. This fascinating and unique approach smoothes out irregularities in the cranium, nicely demonstrating the fascial plasticity of spongy bone.

Professional practice

The content of this course can be used and be practically integrated in an already existing Massage Praxis



40 teaching units


These courses are for interested persons with an open curiosity and an attitude of wonder at the awesome mystery of the human body. Meet the frontier classroom style, which works for all levels of experience.

The course language is German.

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