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Tail End - Pelvis

Workshop with Sharon Wheeler

This workshop is a great opportunity to absorb Sharon Wheeler’s knowledge accumulated in 51 years of work in Structural Integration. Tail End training is the quintessence of Sharon’s knowledge and skills for working in and around the pelvis area with all the possible classical tools of SI and her special tools such as BoneWork.

Pelvis The Tail End of the body usually receives a generous number of accidental impacts. These impacts can distort the relationship between the bones and they also distort the actual shape of the bones in the region.

The sacrum, coccyx, pelvis and femur are often bent or broken and stranded - stuck far out of place.

Dr. Rolf routinely repositioned these boney structures and she changed the shape of the bones themselves.


During the class you’ll have

  • A guided tour of structural landmarks through this complex region. These landmarks provide a framework to help evaluate good structure from damaged structure.

  • Relevant Structural Integration techniques

  • Specialized Bonework for the remediation of damaged/distorted bones throughout this region.

Students will exchange sessions and we will have a model for practice. You’re going to use the content of this workshop practically in most of your SI sessions


This course is designed exclusively for professional Rolfing- and SI-practitioners.

Professional practice

The content of this course can be used and be practically integrated in already existing Rolfing- or SI-skills and practice.


32 teaching units

Course instructor

Sharon Wheeler Sharon Wheeler
Certified in Structural Integration in 1970 Rolf Movement - Practitioner since 1971.
Sharon was one of the youngest students as well as one of the few women to be trained with Dr. Rolf. She teaches CE workshops on scars, bones, the cranium and the Art of Structural Integration.


Dates 2022

Code Title Date Time Price €
PELVIS Tail End - Pelvis
with Sharon Wheeler
Oct. 08 - 12, 2022 Wed - Fri. 09.00-18.00
Sat. 09.00-13.00


Please use ou online form to register for this training. Please contact us during our office hours at +43/3183/8468.